Monday, June 21, 2004

New GMail Accounts = Lost Groups

People have been reporting that when they obtained and activated a new GMail account, that their ownership status is lost in GoogleGroups. This happens because your GoogleGroups account is updated to your new GMail address if you are logged into both services.

The fix is to log out, then log back into GoogleGroups with your old email address. (You may have to create a new GoogleGroups account.) When you log back in with the original address, your groups should reappear in your ownership list, and then you can add your GMail account, and give it moderator powers.

It seems also that if you are logged into GGs with a Mozilla flavor, and logged into GMail with an IE flavor, that this problem is avoided, because the cookies stored are different.

Reference: TexasCritter's post in glg2: SnipUrl:


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