Monday, February 27, 2006

Google Calendar

A calendar for you and the world

Posted by Garett Rogers @ 6:45 pm

"Philipp Lenssen has found an article which contains some great sleuthing done by Paul Stone. He has uncovered a link that clearly states a calendar is on the way — and at the same time found a brand new feature Google has been working on. His discovery takes us to a page called "Google Links" where you can personalize a small bar containing links to popular Google services."

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Friday, February 10, 2006

"rate this post" at GoogleGroups

For users of the web interface at GoogleGroups there is now a "rate this post" dialog under each post once it has been opened.

Footers on googlegroups posts also appeared today

Footers on googlegroups posts also appeared today.

There are three settings, found under "posting and delivery" on the "manage" page.

Message Footer

The footer will be appended to the end of all messages posted to the group.

Use the default footer.
Do not use a footer.
Use a custom footer:

Profiles have appeared today in Googlegroups

Profiles have appeared today in Googlegroups.

Here is mine:


I haven't edited mine yet, but the profile includes recent posts to
all groups, sort of like blogger.