Monday, July 26, 2004

Google Groups Search: test: GMail

Sunday, July 25, 2004

45 GMail GoogleGroups

There are now 45 groups in the GMail category at Googlegroups, YMMV:

Friday, July 16, 2004

GoogleGroups Preferences page

I had occasion to visit my Googlegroups preferences page last night:

and found it to be far more user-friendly than the corresponding page at Yahoogroups.

This is where you can set whether or not someone can add or invite you, you can set your nickname for all groups with one click, set your delivery options for all groups with one click, and set them for each group individually as well.

It is worth a visit if you haven't been there before.

Slow and multiple deliveries

Slow and multiple deliveries

From: "Google Employee"

Subject: Slow and multiple deliveries

Many of you have reported problems involving slow and/or multiple email deliveries over the past week. We are aware of these issues....

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Gmail is the best thing that ever happened to Sun Microsystems.

Gmail is the best thing that ever happened to Sun Microsystems.

Nevertheless, Gmail validates a claim that Sun has been making for nearly a decade—that it’s possible to replace a network of PCs running Windows with world-class computers offering computing services to low-cost and easily-managed desktop machines—perhaps machines so inexpensive that they don’t even have a hard disk. Sun called such computers “thin clients.”

Monday, July 12, 2004

GoogleGroups Blinky

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

Sunday, July 11, 2004

GMail Is Blinky Tonight

Server Error

Gmail is temporarily unavailable. Cross your fingers and try again in a few minutes. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

Interloc Case and "Stored Communications"

Editorial: You've got wiretap/Laws on e-mail need upgrade

Interloc was prosecuted under a 1986 federal law that prohibited interception of "electronic communications," putting e-mail in the same protected category as telephone calls and face-to-face conversations. But in the trial, and then on appeal, an Interloc supervisor argued successfully that what he'd been snooping through were really "stored communications," covered by a different and somewhat looser law, also enacted by Congress in 1986.

Among some Internet-dependent companies, there is concern that too radical a rewriting of the act would torpedo new services -- such as Google's Gmail, now in the testing stages -- that will machine-scan e-mail as a way of identifying consumer appetites, which can then be addressed with even more advertising.

more at URL above~
Bill Holmes
searchers @

GoogleGroups has issues today.

Sorry, something didn't work correctly.

If we knew exactly what the problem was, we would tell you instead of giving you this useless error message. Actually, if we knew, we would most likely have fixed it already.

Rest assured. As you read this, alarm bells are ringing at the Googleplex, signifying something has gone horribly wrong in this quadrant. A report will soon be in the hands of our engineering team, detailing the bad thing that happened here. This team will work without rest to address the problem you have brought to their attention.

If, after a decent interval (about 24 hours), you encounter this problem again, please email us at . The more specifics you include, the better (e.g., what kind of computer and browser you were using, what page you looked at last, what you clicked on, etc.). Sometimes, even our engineers need a little help.

Thanks for using Google.

The Fuss About Gmail and Privacy: Nine Reasons Why It's Bogus

The Fuss About Gmail and Privacy: Nine Reasons Why It's Bogus
Tim O'Reilly

There has been a rash of recent editorials about privacy concerns with Google's gmail service. A number of organizations have asked Google to voluntarily suspend the service. One California legislator has gone so far as to say she plans to introduce a bill to ban it. This is nuts! A number of things to consider.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

How to Mirror Your Yahoogroup @ GoogleGroups

How to Mirror Your Yahoogroup @ GoogleGroups

1. Get or set up an e-mail forwarder.

2. Set the forwarder to forward to

3. Subscribe the forwarder to

4. Set it to "Web Only" on your Googlegroups subscription. (This is
important to avoid a mail loop. GGs may have a loop checker in place, but
better safe than sorry.)

5. Subscribe it to your Yahoogroup, as "Individual e-mail" (the
verification will go to your googlegroup, click on the link and choose
"subscribe to mailing list")

That should work. If you can't find a forwarder, try or, both free offer both pop3 and forwarding. or

This works for now, but there are no guarantees in the future.

Friday, July 09, 2004

The Secret Source of Google's Power Or why Gmail is guaranteed to succeed

The Secret Source of Google's Power Or why Gmail is guaranteed to succeed

While competitors are targeting the individual applications Google has deployed, Google is building a massive, general purpose computing platform for web-scale programming.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Sample Notice on attempted post by non-subscriber


You do not have permission to post to group GROUPNAME. You may need to join the group before being allowed to post, or this group may not be open to posting.

Visit to join or learn more about who is alloed to post to the group.

Help on using Google Groups is also available at .

Monday, July 05, 2004 protect your gmail

Hi All,

Just for fun I registered the domain in order to protect my Gmail address. If there are any members here who would like a forwarding address @ that they can use in public fora please e-mail me and I will hook you up. bill @ subject gmung me

I will need your desired username @ gmung ( can be anything, should be different from your real gmail addy) and the gmail address that you want it pointed to. I will also subscribe the gmung address to this group.

I am doing this for fun and for free, so there are no guarantees. :)


Bill Holmes

.ca domains in suspended animation @googlegroups

One ongoing issue at Googlegroups is the problem that some accounts at .ca domains cannot get out of pending status, and thus cannot get functionally subscribed. I believe that this is an issue of the Google Accounts process:

where something is preventing the account confirmations from either being sent to or arriving at some .ca domains.

While we are waiting for a fix, one workaround is to get a webmail account somewhere (but not a .ca webmail account ) and subscribe to GGs with that for now. This will give you web access to your groups, and you can post via email from your webmail account.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

The "unsuitable name" problem appears to be fixed now

The "unsuitable name" problem appears to be fixed now, I just created a group with the string "search" in it and that was previously "unsuitable." So it appears that GGs has relaxed it's text filter a bit. :)

Bill H

Google Updates Gmail Policies

Google Updates Gmail Policies

WebProNews - Lexington,KY,USA

In what seems to be a response to Gmail invitation auctions, Google has
updated their Gmail policy page to reflect these activities. ...