Saturday, July 10, 2004

How to Mirror Your Yahoogroup @ GoogleGroups

How to Mirror Your Yahoogroup @ GoogleGroups

1. Get or set up an e-mail forwarder.

2. Set the forwarder to forward to

3. Subscribe the forwarder to

4. Set it to "Web Only" on your Googlegroups subscription. (This is
important to avoid a mail loop. GGs may have a loop checker in place, but
better safe than sorry.)

5. Subscribe it to your Yahoogroup, as "Individual e-mail" (the
verification will go to your googlegroup, click on the link and choose
"subscribe to mailing list")

That should work. If you can't find a forwarder, try or, both free offer both pop3 and forwarding. or

This works for now, but there are no guarantees in the future.


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