Friday, October 22, 2004

Atom Tutorial


This page is about using RSS and Atom, from a non-technical standpoint.
If you are interested in creating RSS feeds, see this RSS Workshop, or
Atom for Publishers for Atom.
If you are interested in creating an RSS or Atom reader, see the
Aggregators Yahoo! group.
See also the note about Atom below.
On this Page:

* What is RSS?
o What is Atom?
o The RSS Format (example)
o Glossary
* What Can I do with RSS?
o Displaying Headlines on Other Websites
o Search Engines
o RSS Aggregators
+ Why Use an Aggregator?
+ Choosing an Aggregator
+ Aggregators and Atom
+ What is OPML?
* Finding RSS Feeds
o Finding the RSS Feed for a Website
o Directories
o Search Engine Queries
o Topical Feeds
o Blogs and Forums
o Miscellaneous

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